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Hi, I’m Thomas Debelder. I am a 23 year old webdesigner and developer from Belgium. I’m passionate about creating digital experiences. I like webdesigning as much as developing. I really love both parts of creating a website.I’m a third year student and currently studying Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More College in Mechelen.I have several years of experience in the web industry/branch thanks to my past educations.At the end of June 2015, I’ve got my highschool degree in Multimedia from Don Bosco Halle. In this direction, you get a wide range of knowledge about the different Adobe programs. For example you learn how to use Photoshop for image editing. InDesign for designing press-work.Illustrator for branding, creating logos. Coding languages for creating responsive websites with HTML and CSS.Working with CMS such as Joomla and Wordpress.After my Multimedia degree, I chose to follow a secondary post-secondary education with a specialization in Interactive Multimedia Technology (SIM). In this specialization year I learned to work with with front-end script languages such as JavaScript and jQuery. I also learned a new back-end scripting language: PHP and linking it to a mySQL database via phpMyAdmin. As for work experience, I did Internship at iSide which specialized in website development and online marketing. I learned a lot during that period about SEO, Wordpress and plugins. I was allowed to maintain, customize and update their official website and websites of their customers.

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Creating a unique brand experience is the most important step to promote your company. I develop recognizable logos with Adobe Illustrator.


Designing use friendly, clean and stunning mockups for your company with prototyping tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Sketch.


Besides creating a website, I am also able to create press-work for your company such as business cards, folders, brochures, etc.


I have a year experience with both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Flash which means I can make 2D animations or edit a video for your products.


I strive to develop responsive mobile first and aesthetically pleasing websites that adapt to any type of device, platform or browser.

app development

The user becomes the heart of my product which means I need to support the backbones behind my website, the app.


Interaction in webdevelopment gives a pleasant feeling to your website. I keep up with the latest techniques to improve interaction such as animations and effects.


I can write, apply and understand Javascript and jQuery and link it to useful plugins that brings your website to the next level.

Remember it takes
a lot of shit, to
make a beautiful

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'dreams wont become dreams unless you work for it'

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